Frequently Asked Questions

1Who Are Angel Investors?
Angel investors are successful individuals who invest in new and emerging-growth companies. Angel investors provide capital to young companies in exchange for equity, typically in the form of preferred stock or debt financing.

Many angel investors are members of groups like Northland Angel Investor Network. These networks allow the angels to increase their access to investment opportunities and diversify their investment portfolio.
2What Is Northland Angel Investor Network?
Northland Angel Investor Network (NAIN) is a network of angel investors dedicated to identifying and financing the most promising start-up business and emerging-growth opportunities in Clay County, Missouri. NAIN has two primary objectives: (1) To present favorable investment funding opportunities to its members. 2) To facilitate access to early-stage financing for promising businesses and entrepreneurs.
3What Are NAIN’s Investment Criteria?
NAIN uses the following criteria in selecting companies to present to the network: • New and emerging-growth companies that offer exceptional opportunities for high returns on investment. • A business opportunity with the potential for rapid, measureable growth within a reasonable time frame. • A dynamic, well-communicated strategy for capturing and defending a significant market share. • An experienced management team to execute the business plan. • A plausible exit strategy for investors. • A team that embraces mentoring and coaching. • Location in or relocation to Clay County, Missouri.
4How Do I Apply For Funding With Northland Angel Investor Network?
Send an executive summary that includes the mission of your company, the market niche it fills and your market’s size and growth rate. It should also provide key competitor information, your sales and marketing plans, information about your team (including service providers and advisers), what the requested capital will finance, a financial overview and information on the potential timing and nature of your liquidity event. The summary should be submitted in at least 10-point font in Microsoft Word or PDF, and not exceed five pages. Submit the summary to: Northland Angel Investor Network 1251 NW Briarcliff Parkway, Suite 25 Kansas City, MO 64116 Phone: 816.468.4989 Fax: 816.587.1996 Email: Once we have received your information, we will send you an email confirmation of receipt. If you have questions or need help, please contact Jim Hampton at 816.468.4989 or by email
5Will NAIN Sign A Nondisclosure Agreement Or A Confidentiality Agreement?
Neither NAIN nor its members sign nondisclosure or confidentiality agreements for initial proposals.
6What Happens After I Submit My Application?
Once a proposal is received by NAIN, it will be reviewed by a prescreening team. Based on the team’s review of the opportunity, they may 1) ask for a meeting to gather additional information about the company; 2) recommend that the entrepreneur present at a screening committee meeting; 3) determine the company is unlikely to receive NAIN funding. Regardless of the outcome, the application and executive summary will be posted to the member’s area of the website and will be accessible to all NAIN members for review for 90 days. If a member indicates an interest in the opportunity, the entrepreneur will be contacted so that a meeting may be scheduled with the prospective investor.
7What Occurs After the Pre-screening Process?
Future steps will be shared with applicants after the pre-screening but may include a 15-minute presentation to a NAIN screening committee followed by a question-and-answer session. After formal feedback, another presentation may be required before a larger NAIN membership. Here the entrepreneur comes prepared to address concerns listed in the feedback and to answer other questions. A product demonstration is encouraged at this stage. After the second presentation, and depending on NAIN membership reception to the entrepreneur’s idea, other review steps may follow. They include additional due diligence, strategic and business revision, term sheet negotiation, investment and closing, and post-investment.
8Does NAIN Invest Beyond Clay County, Missouri?
NAIN’s primary objective is investing in companies that exist in Clay County, Missouri, or relocate to Clay County. In some instances, NAIN may co-invest with others angel networks outside Clay County.