For Entrepreneurs

What can we do for your business?

If you have a business that's seeking funding, we would like to hear from you.
We'll evaluate the funding potential of your project via our basic 4-Step process detailed below:

Step 1

Submit Application for Funding. The Northland Angel Investor Network focuses its efforts on finding high-quality investments.

We promote interaction between entrepreneurs and our group, and require companies to submit an application that includes an executive summary. Entrepreneurs are encouraged to network with our members and other trusted partners to help get their business into our review process.

Step 2

10 Pillar Assessment. Members of the NAIN team will analyze the executive summary submitted by each business using a detailed 10 pillar methodology.

The analysis includes a specific look at the merits of the executive summary and the idea it promotes, and is designed to project the chance of success for an individual business based on the strength of the executive summary and other factors.

Step 3

Review by Assessment Committee. Upon favorable response, a company may be asked to provide additional details such as a business plan, PowerPoint presentations and summary financials.

The assessment committee will review all contenting businesses and choose 2-3 businesses to present to the membership community at the monthly meeting. Due to the competitive nature of funding emerging companies not all businesses will be asked to present.

Step 4

Presentation to All Angels in Network.

Prospects that are asked to present will be given 20 minutes to present followed by a question and answer session. At the end of each monthly meeting an evaluation form will be completed by each investor which includes the investor's interest in funding the company.

The Funding Process. If interest to invest is strong enough, the investment process will start. Steps often include a term sheet, due diligence, legal documentation, business plan modification and closing/money transfer.

How to get started...

Step 1

Develop your Executive Summary

An executive summary should grab your viewer’s attention and let them know what your business does. It's the time to sell your business and your plan. Your executive summary is your pitch: It should introduce you, your business and your product, but also deliver an impact. Convince investors that you have a great idea and that it's worth investing their time and/or money in.

Step 2

Submit Your Executive Summary

After you submit your Executive Summary by attaching it to the Apply For Funding form, experienced professionals will review it using NAIN's methodology to determine its chances for success in the market.

Step 3

Improve your plan's chance for success.

In many cases, we will contact you with specific feedback that may help you develop your summary to make it stronger. The most promising plans will be presented to NAIN's Angel Investors for consideration.